“Mega Events are a lot of fun, but can also be overwhelming. In this blog series, guest blogger Dave DeBaeremaeker talks about Mega Events and how to the most out of them. In the first post, Dave suggests ways to prepare prior to the event.”- Sarah


 Geocaching Mega events are large, complex things. Often there are thousands of attendees and this can be quite daunting to a new cacher or first time Mega event attendee. The following are some tips for getting the most out of your Mega event experience.

 95% of complaints I have heard from first time Mega event participants would have been solved if they took some of the following advice to heart.  Hopefully these posts will help future first time event attendees get the most out of their experiences.

 Be Informed

Mega Events are often very complex, and it can be very easy to get "lost in the crowd".  They often have themes and “personalities”. Some mega events are basically gigantic get-togethers, others have themes (like EarthCaching, historical events, or holidays such as ‘Halloween’), or are based around contests.   Depending on the theme, or even the location, your expectations and preparations will be different.  Do your research ahead of time and come prepared.

 Usually the schedule of events is posted to the event website well ahead of the event itself.  Sometimes it also includes a map of the event site.  I highly recommend attendees look over this information before arriving (or finding it out immediately upon arrival).  This gives you a chance to arrive on time, and plan your day so you can take in all the things that interest you.

 Be Prepared

Mega events are all about geocaching. You should prepare for a day of mega event fun the same way you would prepare for a day of geocaching.  Make sure you have extra water and snacks in your pack.  Bring sunscreen, bug spray, and a good hat.  Also bring extra batteries - maybe more than normal (a quick way to be someone’s hero at a geocaching event is to have a spare set of AA batteries to give to a cacher with a dead GPS).

 "These are just a few pre-event things to think about. See part 2 of Dave’s 4 part blog post next week."