"In the second post of the Mega Events blog series, guest blogger Dave DeBaeremaeker talks about how being prepared outside the event will help you make the most out of your Mega event experience." -Sarah


Book Hotels Early

If you need a bed away from home, make sure to book your accommodation early. Many mega events are in areas that do not have a lot of hotels/motels close by and the available locations tend to fill up quickly when a couple thousand cachers come to town. Book ahead of time! Depending on your level of adventure, you may want to consider ’Airbnb’ and VRBO as well as hotels and motels. Keep in mind that the proximity of the hotel will affect your plans for the day of the event, so consider how you will get around if you’re not bringing your own vehicle.

Food and Parking

Also it is important to understand how parking/food will work ahead of time so you are prepared. Some Megas are near urban centers and food and parking is plentiful and convenient, so lunch is just a quick trip to a local restaurant. Others are in rural areas, far away from the closest restaurants. Sometimes these events require meal tickets purchased in advance to get food on-site. You are always welcome to bring your own food and drinks, of course. I would always advise bringing snacks and extra water. You never know when things go wrong, and it never hurts to be prepared.


"Now that you have a place to stay and are prepared for where to park and what to eat, check out part 3 of the Mega Events blog series and learn a few things to think about when you are at the Mega Event."