"In the third post of the Mega Events blog series, guest blogger Dave DeBaeremaeker talks about some things to consider at the Mega event." -Sarah

Be Flexible

Mega events are run by volunteers. I have never seen event organizers give less than 100% of their time and energy into making an event perfect, but life always gets in the way, and sometimes things go wrong. If something does go wrong, instead of complaining about it and letting it ruin your day, just roll with the punches. It may also be a good time to pitch in and help a fellow cacher out.

Look For Side Events

I have yet to attend just a Mega event. Often the weekend, or days leading up to the Mega, are full of other events, some related to the main event, and some that are hosted by other cachers from the community. These are often referred to as 'Satellite Events'. Look for these additional events to maximize your social time while in the region. 


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