"In the last post of the Mega Events blog series, guest blogger Dave DeBaeremaeker talks about participation and getting to know your fellow geocachers." -Sarah


Be an Active Participant

The best advice I can give for the first time mega attendee is to be an active participant. Don't expect hand-holding, or that someone will actively show you exactly what to do or where to go. Mega events are way too busy, and the volunteers do not have enough time to personally greet everyone (as much as they would like to). Take it upon yourself to get informed of the various activities going on during the event and plan your time accordingly. If you are not sure what is going on, ask someone to direct you to a schedule of events. Events typically have an information booth manned by volunteers with all the information you may need.

Permission to Participate is Automatic

Activities at events are open to one and all, but its up to the individual to take the initiative to take part in them (something that can be difficult for the more introverted among us - myself included). It helps to remember that when you go to any geocaching event, you are among members of your own tribe. You may not know anyone else, but you are already friends and have things in common (geocaching). Once I clued into that, getting more out of the social aspects of geocaching events became a lot easier (something that does not come easy for someone as introverted as myself). It also made it easier to ask to join a group, if I needed to, to participate in an activity.


"Overall, Mega Events have a lot to offer. Many people only scratch the surface of what they can do and be involved with. We hope with the advice from Dave you will be ready to head into your next Mega Event prepared, informed, and ready to have an amazing time. Happy caching!"