We get this question all the time: “what’s the activation code for my trackable?”

Often geocoins you get from Landsharkz will have the activation code "SHARKZ".

However, here’s how to easily find the activation code: First you log into your geocaching.com account. Next, head to the play tab at the top of the page, when you hover over it you will see find trackables, click on that. Under Geocoins you will see retrieve an activation code, click that. It will ask you to enter the tracking number, when you press go it will reveal the activation code. Then you can activate your shiny new coin or tag and drop it in a geocache!

You can also just click on this link or bookmark it.

Of course you can always contact us if you’re having trouble with your Landsharkz trackables; we just want to make it easier for you to geocache!