Landsharkz is a proud Canadian company. To show our Canadian pride, we have a variety of swag and geocoins available throughout the year, with new Canadian themed products every year! Beaver dude is our mascot who is featured on many Canadian Cacher products - including cache stickers, pins, coins, patches and more!

Every year, we design a Canadian Micro Geocoin. The Canada Micro always features our favourite mascot, Beaver Dude, and an important Canadian event or anniversary. Last year's Canada Micro 2014 displayed Beaver Dude exploring the arctic - a tribute to the first Canadian Arctic expedition from 1913- 1918. You can get your 2014 Canada Micro geocoin here.



We have two regular sized Canada Geocoins. Both coins feature the gorgeous art of Northern artist Robbie Craig - the Canada Caribou coin, and the Canada Wolves coin. These coins come in both collectible and trackable versions.

The trackables can be seen here: Canada Caribou Geocoin and Canada Wolves Geocoin.

The Collectible versions are here: Canada Caribou and Canada Wolves

Looking for more Canadian geocaching swag? Check out our Great White North tag which features a typography of some truly Canadian items. For a good mix of Canadian swag, see the Canada Combo pack - complete with a trackable tag and micro coin, tattoos, zipper pull, pin, and PDA cleaner.



Keep your eye on in 2015 for our next Canada Micro!