Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that you can discover and display on your profile page. They are associated with a particular location and may also be bound by time. There are souvenirs for different provinces, states and countries, events and special days, and even for completing challenges.

Here is an example of some souvenirs that have been earned by me: (Christie of The Geo-Travelers, office manager at The Sharkz Store)

Some of The Geo-Travelers Souvenirs

There are a few new souvenirs that can be earned by geocachers this summer. 

Currently, there is "Mission GC" which is a spy themed challenge.

Mission GC

If you complete all three challenges then you will earn three different souvenirs. We've already completed the first puzzle (it was a real thinker!) which gave us challenge #1, and are looking forward to the next two puzzles.

The next souvenir that can be earned is on August 20th, International Geocaching Day!!

International Geocaching Day 2016

To earn this souvenir you simply need to log that you found a geocache or attended an event on this day. Easy peasy! Most of the team at Landsharkz is heading off on a geocaching cruise to Alaska so we're hosting an event in Vancouver right at the cruise pier.

If you're interested in purchasing any International Geocaching Day merchandise, we've recently added two items onto our website:

International Geocaching Day Patch

International Geocaching Day Tag