Geocaching Product Trends 2015

Well geocaching doesn't have an annual trade show to go to...yet, but there are always new products popping up on the market, some we offer and some we don't. Here are some of our favourite products.

1. Micro Log roller - in the past couple years we have seen these little tools perfected! They started out as a rough idea of a great tool and now they're easy to use and basically considered an essential piece of gear for the avid geocacher.

2. Geoknots gear - This stuff is so cool, all geoknots products are made from super-strong nylon paracord! Our most recent product is the trail leash for caching with your canine, this is great if you need to keep your dog close while passing someone else, bikers, or horseback riders.

3. Gecko coins & tags - OK, if you've been a Landsharkz fan for a while you know our Gecko's are not new, BUT we produced new colours to collect and tags that you can send out travelling! We have one that glows in the dark! We still offer the snow Gecko's and you could still get a special albino one with red eyes.

4. Novelty trackable items - It looks like novelty trackable items are still going to be a huge hit for 2015. Mini cooper's, VW bugs, Lego figures and blocks were some of the novelty items that came out in 2014. It's exciting to think about what will come out in 2015.

5. Cache containers - it looks like cache containers will continue to get more and more creative and devious.

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