3 portable snack ideas to take when you head out geocaching


You always remember the essentials – pen/pencil, trade items, travel bugs, but it’s easy to get hungry when you’re on the hunt for a geocache. Or, if you’re like me you say just one more find then we’ll go, but if you had a snack you might keep going! Here’s a couple ideas to add to your geocaching pack.


1.Trail mix is the most obvious choice here. It’s portable, quick, and clean. Get creative with your trail mix or get indulgent - add cranberries or M&M’s. You can also buy ready to go trail mix, but if you make it yourself you’ll love every single part of it.



 2. Plain fruit like apple, bananas, or pears – They have their own wrappers, transport pretty well and are as healthy as it gets! You will have to grab this before you head out, fresh fruit isn’t going to keep very long in your geocaching pack.


 3. Granola Bars – These are easy to buy pretty much anywhere, but if you are ambitious you can whip up a recipe of your own once a week to keep a healthy snack on hand. These no bake peanut butter granola bars look delicious and will give you a nice energy boost to get that FTF!


 4. Water – not really a snack, but it’s important to keep hydrated while you’re on the hunt. A good water bottle or camel bak is essential for geocaching.

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