3 Tips to have a successful Valentine's Geocaching date

1. Surprise your partner - If you geocache regularly with your partner this might be tough. You could surprise them with a special geocaching trinket you made, or by getting them that one geocoin they've been lusting after. We have the Straight from the Heart Geocoin back in stock JUST for Valentine's day! Get it here.


If you don't geocache with your partner this is the perfect opportunity to! Create a date day full of geocaching fun, don't make it too strenuous or stressful. Choose caches that are just difficult enough - It's a good idea to choose some easier ones and maybe some more difficult ones that you have found before.

2. Do something different - If you normally do urban caches do a little hike. If you usually avoid puzzle caches, tackle one together. Set this day aside for doing that multi-cache you've been wanting to.

3. Make something yourself - It can be dinner or a little gift, but if you make it yourself it's extra special. 

What would you add to the list? Do you like to celebrate Valentine's day the traditional way (chocolates, dinner)?

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