Top 5 Winter Geocaching Tips


1. Dress in Layers - This is important for any activity outside in the winter! Layers are great because if you get too hot you can just take something off, it also will help to wick away the moisture from your body so you don't get chilled. Gloves are also important to keep your fingers warm, but still be able to use your device.

2. Charge your battery - Most GPS's should fare well in the colder weather (within reason), but take some extra batteries just in case. If you geocache with just your phone, the battery will not do well in the colder temperatures. You can keep your phone close to your body to keep it warm, or use a pocket size hand warmer to keep your phone warm.

3. Look for the right attribute on the GC listing - There are several different attributes that indicate seasonal or winter accessible geocaches. Find out about attributes here.

4. Take a Pen & Pencil - Chances are, if you're an experienced geocacher you already carry both of these with you, but caching in the cold it's doubly important. The ink in the pen inside the cache could be cold so you won't be able to sign the log book. A pencil is almost guaranteed to work.

5. Tools - If you're headed out into the snow, the cache you're looking for could be under the snow. A little shovel to dig the cache out could be useful. If it's not snowy having a few extra dry log sheets can be handy.

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