Geocaching Adventures with Landsharkz - Alaska cruise

Here's a recap of our adventures exploring Alaska this summer! 

We’re back home now and settled in and going through all our photos. Wow!  We really love sharing our adventures as we explore new places and make new friends - this cruise certainly did not disappoint! We enjoyed getting to know everyone and wanted to share a couple of the highlights from our point of view.

The Juneau highlight for us was the Mendenhal Glacier where we saw some bears and even a porcupine! We had a big group of cruisers with us at the glacier and on the tram ride up Roberts Mtn to the overlook of Juneau. 

The Skagway adventure was the crowning glory for me (Chris). The trip to the Yukon, and the stunning White Pass and Yukon Railroad ride back to Skagway were amazing. We know so many people enjoyed that… and I’d like to say a special thanks to Dave for sharing his railway stories on day-one.

I (Chris writing this) was surprised by Glacier Bay - I never realized how impressive it would be. Not only did the clouds part (I'm sure I heard harps!) at the Margerie glacier, but the sounds of the glacier were awe-inspiring. The creaks and groans as the 250 foot wall of ice slowly made its way towards us, then the calving! Wow! I was so excited to capture one on camera!

Ketchikan was a fun little adventure also. Helen left me to explore the waterfront brothels along Creek Street (at least they used to be brothels – and I did get propositioned at one… trying to get me to visit Dolly’s house), while she went back to the ship. I had a great time taking photos along the boardwalk.

Back on board, we enjoyed good food and great company. I also enjoyed giving the photo seminar; which had great attendance, I’ll definitely be doing a similar one on our New England – Eastern Canada cruise next June. I had a number of people show me some amazing photos that they had taken using a few of the tips I’d shared – keep up the good work!

The feedback we've received was so positive! We're thrilled the group had as much fun as we did! We'd like to invite you to jump on our next adventure once we announce it.