We recently added a number of books related to Geocaching to the Landsharkz website. To help you choose, we've read through and put together some book reviews about each of them. Here's what we think!

Tupperware, Tantrums and Twitter – adult book

 A delightful tangle of stories that take you through a year in the life of a matriarch who loves to geocache. Fun, blunt, serious and honest.

Sean and Friends go Geocaching! – Kids book, best for ages 7-10

This educational and fun activity book is perfect for any Geocaching family. Younger kids will have a blast with the colouring aspect, older kids will benefit from the lessons contained within the activities.

Crazed Reckoning – adult book

This steamy thriller, set in Wisconsin, has a good measure of Ireland, with just a dash of Geocaching.

First to Find – adult book

“Never mess with a geocacher – we know the best places to hide a body.”

That statement very accurately sums up what you can expect with this book. This fictional story takes Geocaching into a grisly new realm that might leave you feeling a little uneasy out on the trails.

200 Things any Geocacher must do sooner or later – adult book

It’s a journal, a test, a contest and a challenge all rolled into one book. How will you use it?

Hiding in plain sight – adult book

What do you get when you mix a retired cop with geocaching? A captivating read where geosenses not only lead you to the cache, but may even lead to the answers in a decade old unsolved murder case.

The Geocache Princess of Fort McClary – Kids book, best for ages 7-10

 An easy to read story of two boys who explore an old fort while geocaching. Through this new found hobby they meet a friendly park ranger and are able to help a classmate reconnect with her father. Well written with a good explanation of GPS use at a junior level.

Happy reading!