Little Flyer trackable tags... in Solid Brass!!

This fun new product comes with a bit of a story... told by Chris :).

"Here is how rare and collectible things happen… we have this new product that we’re very proud of – these fun Little Flyer Tags. To test out their popularity, we’ve created an initial run of 150 sets of tags. The problem is the factory made an oops. They were supposed to be made as aluminum tags, as most trackable tags are, but they were mistakenly made from solid brass. We were asked if we wanted them re-made in aluminum, but we loved the look so much we’ve decided to offer this first run of solid brass tags to our customers for the same price as the aluminum ones would have been as we didn’t get charged extra by the factory for their mistake. Brass tags would normally be a lot more expensive than aluminum tags, so we won’t be making any more like this! 150 sets is all that will ever be out there of the Solid Brass Little Flyers. We hope you love them as much as we do!" ~ Chris

These tags are trackable and are only available in a set of four.