We know that geocaching requires fuel, so we put together a little guide of where to eat around the Sharkz Store.

There are a few places to sit down and eat and a few more casual places within walking distance from the Sharkz Store.

1. The Sunnyside Cafe - If you're looking to grab breakfast or lunch this is the place to go. It's across the street from the Sharkz Store and they serve breakfast all day! The food is fantastic and as the name suggests, it's on the sunny side of the street with outdoor seating and a water bowl for dogs. They serve traditional breakfasts, soups, sandwiches, and salads.

2. The Donair Shop - This little shop is right next door to the Sharkz Store. They have giros and donairs with three sauces to choose from. We always have the Halifax style sweet sauce, but try them all! It's a grab & go type restaurant with lots of seating inside. 

3. Zap Thai - If you're a little more adventurous you can head into Zap Thai to enjoy their amazing lunch buffet. There is no buffet for supper, but the food is fantastic and there is seating inside to rest those tired dogs!

4. Serious Coffee - We can't all be morning people so you can get your caffeine fix here! Serious Coffee is a Vancouver Island based chain of coffee shops. You will find sandwiches, pastries, and lots of beverages other than coffee.

5. Vietnam Garden - Spring rolls, Pho, and Vermicelli Bowls! If you like Vietnamese food you will love Vietnam Garden. The food comes quickly, they have lots of indoor seating and the Vietnamese coffee is delicious!

6. La Belle Patate - Greasy, delicious traditional Quebecois cuisine. If you like poutine and smoked meat sandwiches from a hole in the wall type place this if for you. If you're looking to sample what a tradition poutine tastes like, this is it!