GeoTours combine two great things – geocaching and touring a new location.

GeoTours take the user along a series of geocaches, connected by a common theme. They are set up in certain regions to highlight interesting locations you may not have otherwise seen. As you go through the tour, you will answer questions at each location to gain points that can lead to a prize. GeoTours can include traditional caches, as well as EarthCaches. Recently, GeoTours have been gaining more and more popularity.

One example of this is the Gulf of Maine Geotour. The tour guides participants through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, finding a total of 25 geocaches. This area is recognized as one of the world’s richest marine ecosystems, and is sure to have many interesting locations to explore.

Explorers will navigate to the various geocaches and use their Geocache “Passport” to keep track of their progress. The Passport is used to record answers to questions at each geocache. As you answer questions, you will accumulate points. When you get to 100 points, you can send your passport and answers to the organizers, and once your answers are verified you’ll receive a Gulf of Maine Council 25th Anniversary Geocoin!

For your next vacation, why not try something new and exciting? GeoTours are fun and educational way to explore a region.

For more information about GeoTours see For more information about the Gulf of Main GeoTour, check out their website.