In the spirit of our Mega Events Blog post series, we want to share some Mega news. The Living Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Event  has just achieved "Mega" status. Now, what does "Mega" status mean? It means the event will be an ultimate geocaching event, with over 500 attendees from all over the world. In addition, there are additional perks such as using the Mega Event icon (which is quite rare!), as well as prizes and donations from Geocaching HQ and having the event included in the Groundspeak newsletter.

Check out our Mega Event blog series- "Making the Most of Mega Events" to figure out what you can do to prepare for the Living Skies 2014 event.

The Living Skies 2014 (WestCan4) Mega is happening on July 19. 

For more information see the Living Skies 2014 website and their event posting