We're always trying to find new products to make geocaching better/easier/more fun, here's a few we've added recently that we think you will love!


These little glow cubes and sticks are so cool! They glow like crazy, we've been testing them out at Landsharkz HQ and so far having one on your keychain is really handy to find those keys you just tossed in your bag. We also have magnetic cubes that can be used to create urban night caches. You can pick it up in the Sharkz Store or here.


 Magnetic Retrieval Device:

These are a magnet on a stick, keep it in your caching bag or just in your car. Pick it up in the Sharkz Store or here.


Pocket Survival Tool:

This has been in the store and up for sale for a little while, but it's such a neat little tool we wanted to highlight it again. You can pick it up in store or here.