Landsharkz are excited to introduce two new GeoKnots products!

The Geoknots Ultimate Lanyards are strong, tough, and versitile. These Lanyards were made by geocachers for geocachers, so it has everything a cacher needs and more. You won’t have to trust your expensive GPSrs, smart phones, cameras, and other electronic gear to a flimsy strap any longer.

Check out the 4 awesome colours that the Ultimate Lanyard comes in:

- Gecko Green/ Black Reflective

- Undead/ Black Reflective

Razzmatazz/ Silver Reflective

- Canadian Digital Camo/ Olive Drab Reflective

 Our second new Geoknots product is the Germ Grenade. These handy grenades are perfect to clip onto your pack or belt for when you need a quick clean. They contain hand sanitizer and are easily refillable.

The Germ Grenades come in 3 colours - Canadian Digital Camo, Lost Camo, and Urban Camo. Get your Germ Grenade here.