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Support Our Troops Coin & Tag

Nov 24, 2013 1:41:42 PM

Lest we forget. November 11th is a day of Remembrance in Canada. On this day we stop to remember and appreciate the sacrifices made by soldiers around the world. We created this trackable geocoin to honour soldiers all over the world. This trackable geocoin is 45mm x 3.5mm with two tone antique silv...Read More
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Guest Blogger - Lloyd Baker AKA Binrat

Nov 13, 2013 10:15:46 AM

"November 11th in a day of remembrance in Canada and Veterans day in the USA. We created the Support Our Troops coin & tag set to honour all soldiers. This week guest blogger Lloyd Baker writes about cleaning up Veterans Affairs markers. Thanks Binrat!" -CJ

The cachers “Oldsters Go Play Outside” created the Restin’ in series in Eastern Ontario, this piqued my interest in cemetery caches and since I am a member of the Canadian Forces I started to notice veterans markers both in Canada and the United States. The Veterans Affairs markers are easy to spot and I also look for signs of Regimental Badges on regular markers. At the same time I have noticed many cemeteries do not do a good job of mowing, it falls short in some areas, especially trimming and care. Time and time again I have seen damage to markers because of mowers, trimmers etc. and when they are done tall grass and dried clippings are left on the markers.While I can’t do a clean up on every marker I try to always take the time while caching in a cemetery to pull the tall grass and clean clippings from at least one or two Veteran’s markers as a way of saying thank you for your service.One memorable visit was to “Restin’ In Sacred Heart” GC1HVZQ in New Liskeard, ON, I spotted a marker and started to clean it when I noticed 7 depressions in a line next to it, further investigation showed they were also Veterans markers that were sunk into the ground over 1 inch and completely covered with grass clippings and debris. I then took the time to remove and clean as best I could each of the markers so that they could be viewed properly.I have now cleaned, uncovered markers and straightened small flags in many provinces and US States that I have come across. It is my hope that my fellow cachers would do the same on or around Remembrance Day each year or even every time they are doing a cache in a cemetery.My biggest hope is that cemeteries would take a little better care with their equipment and also lift some of the flat markers every couple of years before they just disappear.

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