Trackables are one of the many fun parts of geocaching. You can put a trackable in a cache and watch as it travels the world, or take a trackable yourself on your own travels. Trackables come in all shapes and sizes - from tags and geocoins, to patches, decals, and even tattoos! 

For those who are new to geocaching, the word "trackables" is probably brand new. A "trackable" is a game piece or token you often find in geocaches. Trackables each have a unique code that is used to log its whereabouts as it travels from cache to cache.

Here are a few of the most common questions we get about trackables, and step by step guides on what to do with your trackable.

How do I register and activate my new trackable? How do I find the activation code?

1. Trackables are registered and tracked on First, find the Tracking Code on your coin. It may be small so make sure to look carefully! Landsharkz also sell collectible (non-trackable) coins so make sure to read the product description if you are looking for a trackable geocoin.

2. Do you have the activation code for your coin? For many Landsharkz geocoins, the activation code is SHARKZ but this is not for all products.

If you do not know your activation code, you can find it online at On the “Retrieve Activation Code” page, simply enter the tracking number found on your coin (don’t forget to fill in the re-captcha numbers in the box above) and it will give you your activation code. If you’re entering your tracking code on and it’s not coming up, double check to see if any zeros have been mistaken as O’s, etc. Contact Landsharkz if you are having any additional problems.

3. Go to the “Find Trackables” page on (under the “Play” tab). Make sure you are logged in so you can properly activate your trackable! In the middle of the page, there is an “Activate Trackable” box, where you enter your tracking number. Once you click the “Activate” button, you will be prompted to enter the Activation code you just found.

4. Voila! Your trackable is now activated and can be sent around the world to travel!

How do I log a trackable I found in a cache?

1. Go to the Find Trackables page on (Under the “Play” tab, then “Find Trackables”).

2. Enter the tracking code of the item in the box in the middle of the page and press “Track”.

3. This will take you to the trackable’s page. On the right side of the page, you will see Trackable Options. You can log your find of the trackable from this menu. You can also "discover" trackables - such as car decals or trackables that are not in caches. 

Great! Now I’d like to keep the trackable travelling. How do I log dropping off the geocoin in another cache?

1. Visit the Cache listing page of the geocache you put the trackable in. If you’ve already logged your find, you can still log dropping off the trackable at a separate time.

2. “Log Your Visit” and beneath the comments see the Trackable section. The trackable you’ve logged should be in your trackables inventory – you can then choose the action (Dropped off, or visited the cache)

That's it! If you have more questions about trackables, feel free to Contact Us. See Landsharkz' cool trackables here.