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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like a few (between one and twenty) custom coins produced please… can you help me?

Generally not. Many of the costs associated with custom coin production are one-time costs… they include dies, samples, shipping, artwork preparation, and a small mark-up for managing the production. These costs are very reasonable, and when ordering multiple hundreds of coins, are a small component of the coin cost. Producing custom coins in quantities of one or two (or even ten or twenty) can result in per-coin costs as high as a few hundred dollars.

What is a normal quantity of coins to produce?

Normally we recommend production runs of at least 100 coins. If you are planning on re-selling some of your coins, then you would likely want to produce at least 250 coins. Only at this quantity does the per-coin cost drop to a level that will allow you to make a profit on your coins at normal market value.

How do I activate my new geocoins?

To activate your trackable, you first need your activation code. If you do not have it, find any activation code on Retrieve Activation Code page. You can then activate your trackable on the Geocaching Trackables page by entering the tracking number and activation code of your trackable.

My activation code is not in your database… now what?

Is it a coin produced by Landsharkz? If it is a recently released coin, sometimes we get a few days behind in loading the codes, we’ll get it up there. If it is not produced by us (yes, we do now sell a few coins produced by others) then you’ll need to look on the coin fob and see where it says to get the code. If it says its a “Landsharkz coin”, and you think it should have an activation code in our database, please contact us and send us the name of the coin and the tracking number engraved on the coin. Occasionally there is an error with the laser engraving of the numbers… please note, if you have an “0″ in the number it is the number “zero”.

Please also note: The tracking number will be six characters in length… two letters followed by four numbers/letters. Many coins will have consecutive serial numbering or a geocacher’s name engraved on the coin… these are not tracking numbers. ALL trackable coins will have “Trackable at” or something similar written on them (may be on the coin edge). If you can’t find a tracking number and it does not have this wording on it, then it is likely a non-trackable collectible geocoin.

If I want to produce custom geocoins, can I have some trackable and some not?

Yes you can. You only pay for tracking numbers required for your coins. Please note, there is a minimum order of 50 tracking numbers in order to enable you to have a custom Groundspeak™ icon.